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La Linea Openframeworks


During the presentation of the work of Nada and Renaud video hit us: silhouettes in motion (like the cartoon la linea). “It can be done with live dancers”! Looking for a case of study  on OpenCV / openFrameworks I start the project.


Led Pong Wall making of


Here is the making-of (code side) of the LED pong wall.

The idea was to build a wall of Led able to stream video. The project began a long time ago but technical problems and a little procrastination has resulted in some delay. For the hardware go...

Led pong wall @ THSF


Logo thsf by Stéphane

C’était une première en collaboration avec le festival CorpusMédia.

Au programme conférences, spectacles et surtout des rencontres de passionnés.

Dimanche fut l’occasion de bricoler avec Mathieu Virbel...



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