Opensource GSM - Intro

Posted on Nov 06 -

As every walk has his first step, here is the first post on this blog. The title is self explanatory, I’ll focus mainly on the recents development of opensourcing GSM.

The recent releases of Openbts, OpenBSC and the Airprobe projects are openning new area of technological study. More than the political considerations of free the more than widely spreaded GSM technology, it’s just an amazing playground of protocols and devices.

Among the networking parts, there’s also an effort on opening the handset, as demonstrated by Openmoko and Android platform. I’ll sometimes play with these “toys” that are most visible part of the “opensource mobile movment”.

PS: I’m not an engineer of these topics, just another geek hobbyist, so I may omit things or do some mistakes. Sorry in advance.

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